Compania Cielito, Mariendaalstraat 14, Utrecht, Netherlands


Tel: 0031 (0) 649299670

E-mail: info@cielito.nl


Cielito came into being with Isoldes first lessons in the UK in 2002 . At 16 she began to teach while busy with her law studies. At 17 she became a professional after an intensive period of study and training. Setting up and supporting more than 14 tango scenes in the UK. Later she began a 6 year touring stint which took her across Europe, the Americas and down under. Teaching, choreographing, performing and DJing. Development of a didactic approach to teaching this beautiful dance from argentina. This has lead to the training of assistants, teachers and a new book coming soon. Check out a more in depth biography of Isolde on her website .


With a fun thought out teaching style every lesson leads to new discoveries. With improvisation, musicality and connection being key to a great dance. Fueled by clarity of technique and the building of body memory which is the only difference between those starting out and those at a higher level. We also bring attention to the culture and hsitorty of the dance for those who are interested, giving an added layer for students in our classes.


  • Classes are taught in English and Dutch
  • Didactic and clear breakdown of steps
  • Video recap of every class made available to students for further study.
  • Music and other learning resources given to students to use as they wish.
  • Discount of 10% for tango students taking the Body work classes.
  • Teaching from a professional teacher trained in Argentina and influenced by many top class professionals.