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Welcome to Compania Cielito, offering Argentine tango in Utrecht and Europe with professional tango dancer and choreogrpaher Isolde Kanikani. Backed up by amazing team of organisers, assistants, students and friends brought together through our shared love of dance. Come and join one of our groups or search our specials section for more options of bringing argentine tango in to your world. For your ease we have an online shop where you can book, pay for and confirm your place on one of the options below. Click on the links from each of the activities below which will take you to our collective shop on Isolde Kanikani's website. This will open in a new window so you can always find yourself back here again.


Please note this is a temporary site, until we load our fully refurbished site coming soon with fully opperational shop for easy class check out, agenda that can be added to your personal calender of choice and a tango information library with lots of resources to help our stuents to progress in their tango journey.


Argentine tango classes

These classes are aimed at those new to Argentine tango, who would like to explore with fun and improvisation the core technique and movements. Our classes give easy concepts to grasp and get you dancing in no time. The beginners class sets you up for any of the styles you might like to dance later. With core technique that sets you up for many beautiful dances to come.


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BODY WORK's weekly class

Body works introduces you to exercises and movements that get you dancing in each session. This class will bring increased body awareness, balance and core stability while working on strength and flexibility. Whether you are a free dancer or love partner dances, Body work's for everyone. We have an early morning classes which Invigorate and wake you up ready for the day ahead. Evening classes called Relax prepare you for a restful sleep waking refreshed. Come alone or with friends!

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SOCIAL Tango training group

This is a group with maximum 16 people to create a cozy learning and social atmosphere. Learning about the styles that are intrinsic to social dancing and the etiquette that comes with this. Not something lost in the dust of time but a living breathing set of concepts that enable each dancer the freedom to express themselves on the dance floor.

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PERFORMANCE group - Tuesday

This is our intermediate performance group, bringing fun to learning performance styles of tango while working on fundamental technique that improves all aspects of a students dance. With a maximum of 16 people and hte possibility to perform every 6 months to a friends and family audience. Fun in learning and fun in sharing


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PERFORMANCE group - Monday

This group is made up of professional and none professional high level dancers wanting to seriously train and develop their dancing for performance and salons alike. With a focus on learning and dedication to improvement. This group is a closed group that invites people from our Tuesday group as spaces open up.


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See below for a list of our...

Along side a regular program of classes and specialized groups we also offer:

  • Private lessons
  • Wedding dances
  • Workshops days
  • Events
  • Training for businesses



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